what we do


We’re a step along the way.....a place to reflect, think, listen, question, learn, and discover

Our belief is the cultivation of listening, patience and respect forms individuals able to address conflict, difference and diversity with greater understanding. We specialize in the design and implementation of practice and processes for sustainable relationships and solutions.


the mission

Our mission at thecontactproject is to build a more peaceful world by serving as a resource for individuals, organizations and communities seeking sustainable relationships and solutions. Our belief is the cultivation of listening, patience and respect forms individuals able to address change, conflict, diversity, and difference with greater understanding. Utilizing the science of complex systems, contemplative practices, and collaborative processes, we assist individuals, communities and organizations in developing these essential tools for peace.



We believe that sustainable relationships and solutions require an emergent design to support the inevitable changes that occur over time. We're not solving isolated problems. We're looking at the capacities that can assist at the personal, community, organizational and global levels to support long term collaboration and cooperation. The Engaged Identity practice is used as a stand alone program or as a partner process for a wide range of interests from community building and leadership development to organizational development and conflict transformation. Utilizing contemplative practices, systems thinking, and experiential & collaborative approaches, we explore identities with clients to help them understand the interests and needs required to find the way forward.



Leaders, organizations, and communities are increasingly working with greater diversity. How do we cultivate the ability to collaborate with this diversity? The Engaged Identity initiatives invite participants to look at how listening, patience, and respect can provide a foundation for expanding their own identity and worldview. From local initiatives to international programming, we serve our partners at the individual, organizational, local, national and international levels. Trainings are offered in lengths ranging from three days to three months providing customized workshops that address our partners needs.