the engaged identity


An Engaged Identity

Effective conflict transformation requires the participation of institutions, organizations, and individuals, where multiple frameworks, contexts and personalities come together for a common purpose. Based on the idea that beneath the multitude of identities, the differences in culture, language, ritual, and beliefs, we all desire contact that comes in forms of love, community, respect, dignity, and acknowledgment. The Engaged Identity cultivates listening, patience and respect, as three precepts or capacities, to develop greater potentials for conflict transformation. Using an engaged identity as the basis for change, thecontactproject offers an opportunity to collaborate in the development of personal, communal and global relationships and solutions.


ethics in motion

We see listening, patience and respect as ethics in motion and anecdotes to the buddhist philosophical idea that three poisons...greed, hatred and ignorance, are the roots of suffering & conflict. Whether between citizens and their institutions, between individuals or within communities, thecontactproject believes the way forward in addressing diversity, change, and conflict requires these capacities for peace.


identity expansion

Understanding identity not as a collective definition of frameworks but as an evolving maturation of the way we view and value life, The Engaged Identity Practice suggests three precepts or pre-coming together capacities are required for transformation to occur. Allowing for the very complexities involved in conflict to participate in its transformation. An Engaged Identity can be best understood as the ability to embrace diversity, difference, change, or conflict without experiencing a threat to our identities. Learning to expand our identity and cultivate equanimity through the cultivation of listening, patience and respect, we move from 'identity threat to identity expansion'.